Name:  Florian Kraus
Nickname: Woellwarth
Rang: Neutron
Geboren: 29.11.1990
Wohnort: Heubach
Dabei seit: September 2017
Zocken angefangen mit: The Legend of Zelda: Link' s Awakening (Gameboy)
Motto: no Risk no fun


PC, Xbox One ,Snes, Ps3

Handsome Jack

MMORPG, Shooter

Blizzard, Nintendo

Wow, Fallout, LoL


Xbox Classic:

XBOX 360:
Fear 1, Fear 2, Fear 3, Fable 2, Fable 3, Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2, Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War 3, Sacred 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII 2, Skyrim, Silent Hill Downpour, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Homefront, Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Revelations, Assassins Creed Heritage Collection, Dantes Inferno, GTA 4, Bodycount, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, COD MW3, L.A.Noire, Metro Last Light, Metro 2033, Wolfenstein, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, Too Human, Medal of Honor Airborne, Crysis 2, CoD World at War, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2, Prototype, Kameo, Banjo Kazooie Schraube Locker, Enslaved, Perfect Dark Zero, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Them Serious Sam Collection, Battlefield 3, Dishonord, Alan Wake, Portal 2, GTA Liberty City, 

Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1, Titanfall, WRC6, GuitarrHero Live, Gears of War 4, FarCry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Dark souls 2, Dark souls 3, Star Wars Battlefront, GTA V, Borderlands Handsome Edition, TheDivision, Diablo 3, Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare 1, Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare 2, Rare Replay, Ryse, Doom, Tekken 7, Mordor Schatten, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Wolfenstein the new Order, The Evil Within, Minecraft, Fallout 4 

Playstation 2:
Dragonball z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 

Playstation 3:
Castelvenia Lords of Shadow, Dragonball z Ultimate Tenkaichi, The Bureau, Skyrim, 

Nintendo SNES:
Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1, Donkey Kong Country 2, Time, Animaniacs, Zelda Link to the Past, Tiny Toons, Super Mario All Stars, Yoshis Island, Super Ghouls 'n' Ghost 

Nintendo N64:
Pokemon Puzzle League, Turok 2, Bomberman 64, Super Mario 64 Lylatwars, JetForce Gemini, Extrem G, Mischief Makers, Banjo- Kazooie

Nintendo Game Gube:
Luigis Mansion, Mario Party 5, Super Smash Brother Melee, Soul Calibur 2, Star Wars Clone Wars, Spyro a Hero Tail, Resident Evil 4, Harry Potter quidditsch 

Wow, Diablo 1, 2 und 3, Fallout 3, New Vegas und 4, Alle Command and Conquer, Age of Empire 2, Alle Counter Strike. Alle Half life, Portal 1 und 2